Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life huh?

Dear someone, 

Don't you think you're being used most of the time when it comes to financial? I know it's okay to help out but I think it's too much. Just because you're the one earning big bucks *so does that fella* so you're supposed to help everyone when they come to you? Ya ya deep down,I "totally understand" BULLSHIT!  

Honestly, I don't! 

I just feel like you're being used all this while and I can't do anything about it. Because I know if I voice out, you'll give me all the reasoning you could *if not like they are not paying back bla bla bla*. 
So what's the point for me to voice out? Doesn't make any difference at all. I know. I really know. Frustrated. 

I'm just thinking for your sake. If not, who else? And it hurts me so much because I have to deal it with myself. So much about being the good one eh? Ya by right, you told me earlier about this and I should learn to accept it. What if I can't? I just....can't do it. 

Total bullshit! 

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