Thursday, February 20, 2014


I should have finish blogging about my CNY part 2 & 3 & so on but let me speak out what am I feeling nowadays. Need to rant out everything in my brain so I could have better sleep every night. Stupid insomnia 

* Oh I have my brother's birthday post too* Okayyyy, skip forward! 

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It's not the right time to promote!! Great job Vic! those who doesn't know me or  what's happening in my life currently. Let me keep it short ; 

1. I quit flying
2. I got a job offer BUT I REJECTED IT *what's wrong with me* 
3. I felt so BAD for rejecting it 

How now? I'm surprised that I actually rejected it because it was an easy way to get into the company. It's a bank btw. 

But the job offer is related to a field I don't think so I can be good in it *self convince* 

So yeah! Goodbye easy way in! 

And please stop bugging and making me so guilty about it! It's not meant for me.

Till then, good luck for the next job hunting! *thumbs up* 

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Melting Ice Cream said...

jia you! stay strong! :)