Thursday, April 03, 2014

Birthday lady

This is a late birthday post for my beloved Yuki Gan. Her birthday falls on the 30th March. 
*Sorry I'm late babe. Have been losing the urge to blog* 

So yeah, this camera shy lady here is one of my beasties and I met her during college in year 2008. At 1st, she was really shy to open up herself to me but as time flies, we got to know each other better. And I'm glad that I actually talked to her 1st in college and now she is here, being my bestie! 

Shy ladyyyyyy ~

Us during college time :) 

This was taken before I left to Singapore for further studies 

We spent most of our time together in college. We're like glue like that lol 

Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me. 

Did this specially for her to post in Instagram :) 

Happy birthday once again babe! Knowing you is one of the best gifts that happen to me. Thanks for being there for me all this while <3

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