Saturday, May 02, 2009

Drunkard (:

I'm feeling lazy to blog these few days but yea will try to blog more often la :)

(Clubbing at MOS on the 30th April 2009)

Pictures taken are from jenny kuma's blog and facebook. Wanna see more leng lui then go visit her blog alright? Under my link ; Jenny (kuma) Chan. Go click!

It was a night out with the besties. Sorry peeps for making you guys wait.
MOS was like super occupied with human being. I'm like sweating in the club wei due to the humidity. lol. Basically, everyone seems to be there because it was an eve of a public holiday :/


jenny, the noob! loves

hoong & adrian

the BFF

why am i looking up?
Can't remember if there are any leng chai up there :/

Symone (my new friend), me , terence & hoong

the best gift in life :)

with adrian

the sister & Elroy

the little mui mui ; mun mun

jenny's boyf is my brother-in-law

symone, my new TALL friend
She is niceee

2 babes were missing ; yaenn & carmen

take 2 with some unknown behind -.-

Because of curfew (yes, my 1st time having a curfew), me and my sis left around 1.45am. Reached back home by 2am and slept at 3.15am because was eating maggi mee, chatting with sis and mom and watching korean drama.

Okay, am going out now. Bye byeeeeeeeeee!

p/s - It was a fantastic night :)

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