Thursday, May 07, 2009

Entertain me please?

Just a short update because not in the mood to blog. Besides that, currently I'm cleaning up my room and stuff so am pretty tired to blog a long one :/

I also spent my time watching movies such as :

based on a true event.
I like it (:


pretty emooooo~

Talking about movies, I have like 4 more movies to watch. Haha.

In addition, I finished watching this japanese drama titled :


It's about bullying case in high school.
Niceeee drama!

p/s - I miss you badly :/

pp/s - Am going for job training tomorrow T__T


~JL~ said...

ooh .. got a job already ?? what is it ?? =_)

Victoria said...

haah was supposed to have a job one but then i am not feeling well so not going for the training adi (:

~JL~ said...

okie okie .. =_)