Monday, May 04, 2009

The market.

Yesterday was out the whole day. Will blog about it when I receive the pictures.

On Saturday, I went to Times Square (ya the super lala land) with my mom to do a survey on hair accessories (you will know why in the next few post).

it have been a while since i camwhore :p

bag for the day
it costs me rm65 :/

the so called cool face
tak jadi wei

Since it was still early, we went to i think is USJ 4 but some said is USJ 3 park to see lil boy and is friends play basketball. Met Sean there :)

the basketball court


with the woman that I couldn't live without

Two pictures taken with sis which I don't remember when.

hello jie jie~!

FYI, is not me but she :p

p/s - Everyone seems to be working now :/ I think I shall find for a part time job as well.


~JL~ said...

don't need to work .. stay at home only .. xÞ

Victoria said...

lol but i want to buy some stuff la. need the $$$. if dont work then u give me $$$ ah? LOL :P

~JL~ said...

lol .. see what you want to buy .. xÞ

Victoria said...

lolol (:

~JL~ said...