Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't care what they say!

Random post AGAIN! -.-

This is because of my lifeless routine ; sleep, eat, play! Am having lack of determination to work :/

Enough said.

Oh I was super lifeless till go to Google and taip whatever things pop out from my brain. The 1st one was perfumes and the others are nonsense (will not blog about it obviously) Rofl

*Credits to Google Image

me likey :)

Perfumes bottle have aesthetic value and they are interesting. I like objects to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing :)

p/s - Life is GOOD!

pp/s - Maybe I shall really blog about my damai laut trip *thinking*

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~JL~ said...

functional and aesthetically pleasing .. haha .. learn a new word today .. =_) .. ESP should hire you as part of their member .. xÞ