Monday, May 11, 2009

Pipit wonderful market

Pipit wonderful market was held as the below details :

Date : 3rd May 2009
Venue : 7th Floor, Times Square
Time : 11am - 8pm

Basically, Wonderful Market is a creative bazaar or market place for handmade talent, independent artist or designer and other creatives that interested to share or trade their products or items.

Remember my previous 5 post titled the market? Ya, that's right. I was in Times Squares to survey the hair accessories price for this wonderful market event.

I was just helping out my cousin sister to sell those stuff (:

Pictures credit go to my elder bro who always acts cute ; vincent.

setup stall

the accessories

the act cute sister :D


the siblings

the always act cute siblings!

handmade bags

more creative stuff

These 2 pictures below are steal from my cousin sister's blog but they are taken by someone else which I can't remember her name.

So ya, credit goes to that nice girl. SORRY!

pretty successful event (:

For more info/pictures about this event, check out here or here or here =D

p/s - I always need you by my side (:

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