Friday, May 08, 2009

Silly pig!

By right, I'm supposed to go for my job training later but I changed my mind not to go because of not feeling well. Having flu and a mild cough :/ Sister is having a bad flu and she is in college now.

So, I won't be working this weekend. Will just stay at home which is the safest place on earth. Outside world is scary :/ All the snatch thieves cases and rape cases are making me afraid to step out of my house T__T Ya, blame the recession!


Announcement people!!

I think I'm the most clumsy girl among my family members. I'll definitely get myself a cut/bruise/scratch/abrasion/slice or whatever everyday :/

You tell me, am I clumsy anot?!!


Thank you clumsiness!!

Perhaps, I need a man who really can take good care of me! :)


p/s - I think I have butterfingers larrr :/


boney said...

*ahem* *coughs* *chuckles* me.ahahah
be more careful la..:(

Victoria said...

*ahem* :P okie dokie i'll be more careful. dont worry! (:

Jenny Chan said...

haiyo so loving ar hahaha.
lets go out babe! hee!

Victoria said...

so loving? lolol. where got? you and terence lagi loving (: okie dokie. lets go!!

~JL~ said...

nice bruises .. lol .. xÞ

Victoria said...

nice bruises? haha go get it la then xD

~JL~ said...

I'm not so clumsy as you are .. xÞ .. I break my leg I happy already .. lol

Victoria said...

hmm good la you're not as clumsy as me =D omg, like that also happy? omg! eh how is yr leg now wei?

~JL~ said...

haha .. but at times couldn't avoid having bruises when we're rushing or something .. Haha .. at least I know it feels when you're crippled .. xÞ .. achilles tendon still hurts .. hmm .. =/

~JL~ said...

I'm crippled*

Victoria said...

hmm that's true but i'll have bruises no matter what i do T__T
aiks. u better take care of yr achilles tendon wei!

~JL~ said...

lol .. you have to be extra careful .. =_) .. haha .. thanks thanks .. 2nd week of resting already .. *winks*

Victoria said...

hmm i will. thanks (: nah no problem. good good. rest longer la! hehe

Pills said...

Hiiii !
I am also VERY clumsy. Too clumsy for my own good actually. I keep cutting myself..and bruising and stuffs. Daily occurences -__-''
lol, I just came across your blog and it's cool ^__^
I have a blog toooooo but it's unwelcome to randomers hehe so I can invite you if you like =]

Victoria said...

Hey pills (:
Oh no, u shall be more extra careful girl. being clumsy is not good. I guess we have something in common. lol! thanks for dropping by by the way! hmm will it be okay if u invite me to yr blog? I just love to blog hopping and meeting new bloggers! =D

~JL~ said...

alright .. =_) .. Hmm, yeah .. But my legs say he wants to play football .. =/