Sunday, January 31, 2010

Belated birthday

Today I damn frustrate wei but *chill chill victoria pang*

Anyways, I wanted to blog about my 20th (wah liao I feel damn old weh -.-) birthday celebration with family but there are around 193 pictures to choose and then have to edit somemore. So many things to do yet so little time. Therefore, I decided to blog about the dinner with my friends after a day of my birthday (It was something like a birthday dinner with friends like duh) Thanks to jenny kuma for planning this dinner & also thanks to everyone who make it that night ♥

Besides that, all the pictures below were taken by Jenny Kuma! Credit goes to her obviously right. I dint snap any pictures that night because I was like the so called birthday girl can. Oops ~

We had dinner at The Apartment, the Curve :)

a snap of the belated birthday girl

oh ya, thanks so much for the present :D
me likey the present very much

she tagged along although she was having high fever the 2 days before :/
thanks for coming dear <3

my poached egg and bacon

su woei's dinner

the sick girl with her very mouth watering strawberry dessert

jenny & hoong ordered this pasta

someone's hands was really itchy ;p
guess who?

see we so loving. posing also need to hold hands -.-"

the lick hung noob(s)

excuse me, i thought im supposed to be the one who receive the kisses SINCE I WAS LIKE THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! LOLOLOLO!

su woei damn sexayyyyyy woots

After dinner, we went to The Library for some beers and to chill ourselves since it was a Friday night. Who will stay at home on friday night right right? Ooops I do sometimes lol

it was massive crowded i tell you >.<

we played this shithead game, the jenny's game.

challenge, refresh, copy and burn :))))

jenny kuma ♥

she is the blur one. welcome to the club babe :)

group picture of us at The Library :DD

Thanks for the great night peeps! ♥ Growing older makes me realize a lot of principles of life.

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