Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still 2009

Finally, I managed to get back my blogging mood. Omg, i tell you it's not easy as it seems to get my blogging mojojo back okay! I have force myself to sit in front of my lappy and blog. Some appreciation wouldnt harm lol! And i dont want to let my dearest readers down as well! I'm such a good girl can!

This will be the second last post for the 2009 although there are many more 2009 outings which i dont plan to blog. Pretty lazy nowadays :/ So this post is about a random dinner with the whole family because daddy wanted to try to dine at Tony Roma's. He is working in overseas. I wonder do they have tony roma's in bangkok @.@

Most of the pictures were taken by my sister using my camera!

tony roma's....AGAIN!

daddy & mummy <3

i look tired here @.@

LOL! a candid pic of my lil boy & daddy

honestly, i think iPhone is an anti social phone :/


thank you sis for making me look ugly like a fish :p

the big brother was trying to manja manja like a small baby

the consequence of manja-ing with me
*just joking*

my caption is officially boring :/

many people said that they look alike. what do you think?

free dessert babeh!

jun hsien, this is for you :D :D

we were doing the darlie toothpaste adv :)

the siblings <3

a family photo!

the lil elephant on lil boy's shirt is so cuteee! all the way from Chiang Mai!

the sexy back of the Pang family excluding sis's one!

i dont look like a fish okay!

We went back home and made this tong yuen for the family! We had this like a bonding session while we were doing the tong yuen!

with her pinky tong yuen!

I'll go in the direction of my dream. I can fulfill my dream! I can do it! Keep thinking positively!

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