Friday, February 05, 2010

So malaysian-ish

Sorry I couldn't update my birthday celebration dinner just yet because my lappy got some windows problem. Therefore, I only can transfer the birthday pictures into my lappy once my lappy is sent back from service (actually I havent send my lappy for service yet but soon :/) So please be understanding. Thank you.

At times, I always wonder how will I feel if i happen to meet any celebrities, no matter whether is international or local artists. I might like some of their songs but I might not fancy them. Thats why I definitely wont feel anything or going gaga or even scream like someone who gotten rasuk by hantu over some artists like some people. To me, artist are like normal people with a great talent in them thats all.

On the other hands, I'm pretty proud of our local artist actually which I never feel proud of local artist before. I know this is like so malaysian ish but yea, they have good talent in them and they should be appreciated. Not everyone has good talent especially in singing right?

The reason why I suddenly feel proud of our local artist is because I've been bumping into some of them recently when I was out. They are :

*Courtesy of Google image*

daniel lee aka danelle

Thomas Jack who acted in this malaysian show titled Yes Sir!

Stella Chung

Besides them, I was lucky enough to met Nick Chung at Sungai Wang in the past few years & also Jaclyn Victor in 2008 and 2009 if im not wrong.

Surprisingly, Nick Chung is Stella Chung's brother

Jaclyn A/P Joshua Thanaraj Victor

Boring & random post *at least i update something right* Till then, goodbye & have a great weekend people :D

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Gallivanter said...

Happy Belated Birthday from a blogger surfing by! :-D