Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hungry? So do what?

Because I'm hungry so I torture myself by posting out about food. Omg, this is funny. But weird, I know lol. I couldn't stand the nice looking presentation of food so as usual, I always snap picture of my food before eating. I think that's a bad habit. Geez! :/ 

So recently I'm "actually" on diet for my wedding. I'm not like totally on diet. I still eat but just avoid solid food like rice. But if I have no choice, I'll just eat the rice at least once a day for a meal. 

But when I'm out with mom, I can't go on diet as mom always wanna eat good food which is a bonus for me! Hahah :p 

This one can't be avoided. Is a must to eat at TGIF. MAC and CHEESE!! 

Shared some salads with mom. I usually don't take salads but this is gooooood *thumbs up*

The honey took the spaghetti. And also half of the salads. Haha 

Don't they look so appetizing when you're hungry???? 

T_________T *cries*

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