Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pre Wedding

Hola!! I'm back from my vacation few days ago. And so unfortunately, I fell sick so I have been staying in and rest and lost contact with human being because I'm really sick. REALLY SICK 

Not to worry, I'll blog about my vacation soon after I recover. Trip was awesome but not the flying hours boo!! 

Till then, I entertain y'all with my drafts ya. Stay tune lovelies :) 

For me, the most consuming part of a wedding is the pre wedding photo-shooting.It takes up lots of time and haha it's not easy. It was supposed to be fun but try imagine being under the sun for hours and faking a smile when you're so agitated with the sun *faking a smile is pretty easy for me but it will be an awkward one* 

And not forgetting, the photographer will be instructing you to do this do that smile like this smile like that stand here stand there sit here sit there hand like this hand like that...bla bla bla and continue T____T


Thanks God, the wedding is OVER *not the wedding over over kind of thingy. Lol I'm glad I'm married to the love of my life. You'll get what I meant if you've gone through what I did* Felt relieved like a huge burden has been taken off my shoulders. 
Although I complained so much about..everything lol, but I'm actually glad that we've been through everything together :) He is such a sweetheart! 

Pre wedding pictures were taken in 3 different venues. Melaka, Taiping & of course, StarEast indoor studio. Oh, did I mention everything from my gowns, accessories, photographer, make up artist and photo albums are from StarEast? Took the whole packages with them because they were having promotion that time and also it's so much easier. 1 pit stop. 

Here you go. Just 4 pictures to glance through my pre wedding picture. Don't wanna share everything with y'all! Hey, it's my wedding so I have the every rights to do what I want. Boo ya

 Thanks for the balloon! :) 

Taiping, Lake Garden. So green and so hot! @.@

Paid rm100 to enter this small hotel in Melaka along Jonker Street to snap some pictures

Yes the famous A'Farmosa. I have difficulties climbing up and down due to the heels and super long dress -.-

StarEast is located in Sunway Mentari, PJ!
It's the same row with the FORMER Yuen Steamboat *I believe everyone knows yuen steamboat right*

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