Saturday, September 06, 2014

You think I can speak Cantonese?

OMG! Look what I found. This is a draft from year 2012 and IT HASN'T BEEN PUBLISHED YET. LOLOLOLOL! So yes, I'll publish it and make sure all my drafts will be published. I tell you first....

*I  STILL HAVE LIKE 8 DRAFTS after posting most of them already lol. HOW COME? I DO WRITE ALOT HUH??!!*


Anyways, I believe this is about a post where I flew to HKG and met up with Jenny kuma in 2012 yo. 2 freaking years ago!!! Those were the days where she was still working in HKG. She's back here and I'm glad  :) 

Now I miss flying :( Pictures are not in sequence by the way. Met up with her for tea time and also dinner that's all. It was great spending time with her in HKG instead of MSIA. Change of environment/country hahaha 

Was I thinner 2 years ago? 

We always Starbucks-ing regardless we are in HKG or MSIA. Starbucks fan yo! 


Happily snapping my candid pic! What to do? I'm famous! Hahaha *smack hit*

Mango dessert. Yummy but pricing :/

Vital soya for breakfast before heading back to home sweet home :)

Bye! ~

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