Monday, October 27, 2014

Random but not so random after all

Just arrived back in Subang from Melaka. Went back to visit my grandparents and stayed a night. Seeing my old looking grandparents made me realize that they are already so so old and not that healthy anymore :/ That's the main reason why I was in Melaka last night. Just wanna be a good grandchild by visiting them. 

Since I'm back in Melaka, of course I have to go indulge myself with good food. Sis had cravings for the asam laksa along Jonker street so we headed down to town for our late lunch. 

Baba cendol. Ahhh gula Melaka :)

The famous no.88 Nyonya Asam Laksa which costs rm7 per bowl

Rojak. Was shock knowing this was rm10!! 

Insta version. I always fancy insta's filters lol


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