Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Florida Part 2..

Short. Direct. Lazy. 

Part 2 means Day 2. It was just a relaxing day because we just arrived the night before and we wanted to do something not so hardcore. We jet lag what. Lol. Since we haven't gotten our tickets to the main attractions in Florida so we decided to go shopping. YAYS! Shopping time. Who doesn't love shopping in the states? EVERYTHING IS A MUST BUY! $$$$

So firstly we got ourselves a big breakfast. 

Shared with mom and we still can't finish it. Small tummy :/

Stupid wind. Ignore my hair please :)

While waiting for mummy to shop...


This was like our 2/4 shopping bags and we still have like 1 more day to shop! *evil grins*

Main attractions post coming up next. Give me some time k. Too many pictures to choose from.

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