Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Scheduled post.

Hello, I think i'm the one who always update outdated post :( However, I should blog about this long time ago but sorry readers, I have plenty of important things to do/outdated outing to post as well. Hence the late update *this post has been a draft since 25th Jan 2010 LOL*

Last 2 month, I have been going around on a trip with the family. But one of the trip wasnt a good trip cause i lost one of my aunt :/ So sad. Anyhow, life goes on right! No sad sad post so I will just start from the melaka trip!

on the way to johor. he is such a piggy! sleeping all the way

After settle with all the stuff, we headed down to Melaka, my beloved hometown to stay 2 nights before getting back to subang.

she is not a piggy but a big eater xD

yam cake with pork ribs

it is a-w-e-s-o-m-e

The next morning, we chilled in grandma's place, snapped lame photos and also have this bonding session with family.

the always act cute boy :P

this is something new. my breakfast

dinner time. the one and only place we eat satay celup

our waiter!

show your tongue peeps

Off we went to Jonker Street.

in the car camwhoring!

night sky

a shop which sells some melaka famous food/snacks

Took some pictures of melaka famous food/snacks :

omg durian jam! I havent try. wonders how will it taste like

huge lolipop woot

kuma, this is for you!

such an old school bottle!

break the ice baby!

amoi amoy

fishy fishy ~

*thumbs up for the durian cendol*

jonker street is always crowded @.@

dancing hall for those aunties who love dancing

dont know what does this mean. i'm a half banana. thank you

the stage

oops, you dint see me posing like a retard


lil boy's pose was indeed priceless

i were busying texting and posing ;p

looking hot huh?

Got back to grandmas place around 11ish then off we went to bed. Everyone was tired :/
The next day, we had lunch with my uncle's family before heading down to seremban.

my aunt taught me on how to serve the chinese tea and how to say thanks to the waiter using non verbal.

frog @.@

asam fish which is delicious

frog's legs *yucks*

After lunch, we left melaka and it was freaking jam. So daddy took the longer road somewhere in seremban. Anyways, we also wanted to go to seremban just to buy seremban siew pao!

moo mooo ~

on the way to seremban town, if im not mistaken

say hellooo to one of seremban building

finally, hello seremban welcome board!

do you feel hungry now? *yummm*

I'm getting very lazy nowadays :/ Hopefully I wont be MIA again.

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