Friday, February 19, 2010

Melaka oh melaka

Before I head to bed, I wanted to blog about something that is short and . . . . . not so interesting perhaps? LOL!

First and foremost,

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY to the big bimbo aka vincent pang!
we ♥ you! hope you like the bday present :D

*No longgggggg birthday post of you cause i'm lazy hehe*

And yea, a day after my birthday which was on the 29th January 2010, I, my mom and lil boy went back to melaka for a day trip and also for satay celup. Indeed, all the way there just for satay celup. However, one of my wanted to-do-list for my birthday is to have satay celup for dinner. I told mom abt it and we really went down melaka for it. Woot! Besides that, we also went to visit my grandma. So yea my wanted to-do-list for my birthday has been fulfilled :D

During this trip, I snapped basically all random shots.

the old school ice cream which only costs me 70 cent!

a packet full of kuih bakul

he is not random but yea

an unwanted toothbrush on the ground

kids nowadays are so into korean especially the korean boy band named super junior @.@

a decent tall huge healthy tree

trying to be an emo kid because i took random shots instead of him lol

now the sleepy head :)

we are lucky because we can drive a car instead of a motorcycle lol

definitely a super random buildings

melaka bus! omg i havent tried to take a bus in melaka before. have you?

chinese new year decoration

chinese new year decoration II

melaka taxi. wonder how much is the fare around melaka

melaka version of Top Man! woot sexyyyy



the moon that night was really round and orange *it's white cause of the camera*

duku langsat or just langsat?
anyways it's not my type of fruits.

Random enough full stop :D Good night.

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